Where not only the grass is greener…

Holidays feel so much better if they are really green, don’t you think? And the “green” in this case does not just mean the forests, the meadows and the mountains. Green means more! A good feeling, an attitude of mind. So, to make sure you too share this good feeling, we have installed a couple of things in our hotel. :-) Did you know for instance that... we generate 60% of our own energy?

  • A holiday at the Hotel Weihrerhof will help you save! At least as regards CO2 emissions. :-) Our cogeneration unit means we save 3.5 kg of CO2 for each night you stay!
  • Give us an E! The green way to discover the area! We have an E-car and E-bikes - and the charging stations use electricity that we generate ourselves.
  • The electricity we purchase also comes from renewable sources.
  • Smart Hotel: we have a smart control system for electricity and heating that operates as resource-efficiently as possible.
  • We clean, of course! And we are clean: we use environmentally friendly cleaning products.
Speaking of “green”, the meadows and green areas around our lake have not been fertilised for over 20 years, so numerous different plant species now thrive there!
Crystal clear: all new windows are triple-glazed so no energy is wasted.
We promote car-free holidays: the RittenCard is available free on arrival at the Hotel Weihrerhof, with free use of public transport!
Green tastes great: where possible we make use of local produce and cook with ingredients that have not come far to our kitchens. The wine list too reflects the colours of South Tyrol - white and red! :-)
Wellness too can have sustainable effects! Here we apply the BergSea line for a lasting sense of well-being, all using organic products from South Tyrol.
But sustainability for us is much more: the term also affects you personally. A holiday at the Weihrerhof should not only be good for the environment, but also - especially – for you! The memories in the hearts and minds of our guests should also be sustainable. A data-detox programme, a personal hiking guide and many other little surprises will all get you in the holiday mood and let you find your true self! So - it’s time to go green! :-)
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