Pampering the nose and palate

Who loves tasty, down-to-earth cooking made from carefully selected, healthy ingredients?
Who likes it when their plate is prepared with attention to detail? Well, these questions are of a rather rhetorical nature …
Good cooking doesn't happen by chance. Our chef purchases his ingredients in person, and because he has a love of nature running through his veins, mostly regional and seasonal produce end up in his shopping basket and into the pan. The herbs even come from the hotel's own kitchen garden.

Where so much attention to detail is involved, it is only natural that we heed the particular needs of our guests and serve, for example, gluten-free dishes, or provide breakfast until 11.00 am for late risers.

Fresh out of the Oven

Some scents evoke memories, like those from grandma's kitchen – just like the delicacies from Mama Cilli.

Local Products

Our gastronomy is based on the exquisite products of our beloved homeland, South Tyrol, and of course, Italy. Local, seasonal, and genuine - these words best describe our culinary philosophy. This ensures that only the best makes it to your plate.

Enjoy by the Lake

When the sun shines, in the warm months, we serve breakfast and dinner right on our panoramic terrace by the lake. With a view of the South Tyrolean mountains? Simply unbeatable!

Culinary Enjoyment

  • In the summer months you can have dinner and breakfast on our panoramic terrace with a view of the Dolomites if desired
  • Breakfast buffet with regional products from 8am till 11am
  • A little buffet with afternoon snacks
  • At night we indulge you with a menu full of sustainable choices (from 6pm till 8pm)