The wonderful world of the Weihrerhof

Explore the Hotel Weihrerhof

A mountain lake, a lakeside spa, a pine forest – we even have our own little island. Kneipp therapy in the little stream in the garden, a playground, a tennis court – and places with a feel-good sensation everywhere! A magical world of experience awaits at the Hotel Weihrerhof – both for you and for your inner self!

Do you know the feeling of lying in the grass looking at the sky, yet being quite down to earth?
Or of floating in water, yet feeling as if you are up in the clouds?
Or of bubbling with energy, yet feeling completely calm inside?

Feel free to do exactly what you want. Jump with a yell into the lake! Paddle the red rowing boat across its waters. Sweat in our boathouse sauna, or explore the forests on the Ritten! Read your favourite book for the third time in one of our hammocks, with just the birds singing in the background. Discover the wonderful world of the Weihrerhof for your (very own) self!