Swimming against the tide - or perhaps ahead of the curve.

Early on, we addressed the issue of our own electricity production, made the first major investment in 2018, and since the end of 2021, we have finally reached the point where we are completely self-sufficient in electricity production. You can find out more about our innovative solutions, which are based on a combined heat and power plant (CHP), a photovoltaic system, a powerful battery storage system and intelligent software solutions, here...
Sustainably optimized energy generation:
Our combined heat and power plant is the heart of our energy self-sufficiency. It generates not only electricity, but also heat, which we use in our building, for example to heat the pool. By combining heat and electricity production, we maximize efficiency while minimizing our environmental footprint. To complement this, we have installed a photovoltaic system that converts sunlight into clean energy. In this way, we make the best possible use of natural resources to meet our energy needs.

Intelligent energy control:
Our energy self-sufficiency would not be possible without the use of an intelligent software solution. This software continuously analyzes the energy demand in our building and controls the flow of electricity accordingly. It allows us to direct the generated electricity specifically to where it is needed. Whether it's the sauna, the wallboxes for electric vehicles, the kitchen for preparing our delicious meals, or charging our 120 kWh battery storage, our software knows the best ways to use our energy.

Power-free switches and computer-controlled lighting:
We've also made sure that each of our rooms has a power-free switch or KNX control installed. This allows us to specifically control and reduce electricity consumption when it is not needed. In addition, all of our rooms and outdoor lighting are computer controlled. This allows us to use light in an efficient way and avoid light pollution in the beautiful nature around Weihrerhof.

Achieving our sustainable energy self-sufficiency has been a long and exciting journey, but it is far from complete. By combining a combined heat and power plant, a photovoltaic system, battery storage and intelligent software, we have managed to completely cover our electricity needs of around 150,000 kWh per year. For us, there is no single solution, but the combination of many individual parts makes the big picture.

Our lake tales

Tales and moments, mysticism and magic

History or stories? Dream or reality? The boundaries between reality and fiction blur almost imperceptibly. The cuckoo murmurs, the pine whispers, the little brook gurgles. And they all tell stories of their experiences and fantasies. Around the Wolfsgrubner Lake.