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Refill your bottle

We're on it. :-)
Reaching for the plastic bottle may be practical, but the ecological footprint is enormous: according to Legambiente, the production of plastic bottles for the Italian market devours around 450,000 tons of crude oil and emits 1.2 million tons of CO2 fei each year. Trucks cart the water in the plastic bottle, packed in additional layers of plastic, hundreds of kilometers across countries.

The plastic cover usually encloses the water for several months. The airtight seal makes it durable. At the same time, the plastic releases tiny particles into the water, as shown, for example, by analyses commissioned by the German consumer protection magazine Öko-Test. Accordingly, the health effects of microplastics on humans have not yet been proven.

The plastic bottles are made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET).
The real waste content is multiplied by packaging and transport material.
Water in the plastic bottle does not come from South Tyrol.
482 km is the average transport distance of a plastic bottle.
The transport emissions for this one way amount to 321.5 kg CO2.
For 1 liter of water in the plastic bottle, 1.39 liters of "virtual" water are needed only for production.
Each 1-liter plastic bottle contains 100 ml of petroleum.
Until the water is drunk, it remains in the plastic bottle for up to 12 months.
1 liter of water in a plastic bottle costs about 50 cents.

With the campaign "Refill your bottle" we want to take another step towards a more sustainable future: do without disposable plastic and enjoy our fresh spring water from our drinking fountains. All other partner businesses on the Ritten are also happy to refill your bottle.