Our lake tales

Tales and moments, mysticism and magic

History or stories? Dream or reality? The boundaries between reality and fiction blur almost imperceptibly. The cuckoo murmurs, the pine whispers, the little brook gurgles. And they all tell stories of their experiences and fantasies. Around the Wolfsgrubner Lake.

Water - so precious!

"On the mountain and on the lake, water can only taste good!" Yes, quite right! That's why we also offer fresh Rittner spring water to drink. So we do not only do something good for you - the environment is also happy about it! :-).
Water is our blue gold! Why, just read on:
  • Ritten is one of the poorest water areas in South Tyrol.
  • We on the Ritten have learned for many years to use water sparingly and have an average consumption of about 120 l per person and day, in the rest of South Tyrol of about 170 l per person a day.
  • For 1 liter milk 700 liters water is needed (including feeding, processing etc.)
  • For 1 kg of beef approx. 5,000 liter of water is needed
  • We also use this precious resource as sparingly as possible in the hotel and, for example, only wash bed linen and towels when you want us to.
  • Clean with state-of-the-art dry steam equipment without detergents to clean the rooms
  • We actively support the Refill your Bottle project
  • There is a high level of microplastic in PET bottles, even if they are reused, that is why we fill our water in chic Weihrerhof glass bottles that have a long lifespan and someday ... when their time has come ... can be recycled.
  • Our pool is operated with a modern glass filter system and Dulcozone. besides, since 2023 it is supplied with water from our own spring and so we save about 500.000 l drinking water per year
  • Our toilet flushes have been adjusted to save about 2 liters of drinking water per flush
  • Also water savers are part of our basic equipment ;-)
  • Last but not least, our BergSea cosmetic line is made with wonderfully soft Wolfsgrubenersee water.
Water is a scarce good and let's take good care of it together!