Mission climate protection

One goal one way with Turntozero
By joining Turntozero, we aim to take concrete and measurable action to reduce our CO2 emissions. Since joining in 2021, we have already been able to reduce our emissions by about 30%. We want to take a leading role in sustainable Alpine tourism, raising awareness of climate protection among our guests, employees and partners. Since 2021, we have been actively working to enable sustainable luxury at the Hotel Weihrerhof.
We are working step by step to reduce our emissions and have set ourselves the goal of continuing to reduce emissions by approximately 4% annually in the future.

What is measured? All indirect and direct emissions we cause: Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3.

*Scope 1 includes all direct GHG emissions generated in a company due to various activities and processes (e.g. from energy use for heat generation, fuel consumption by the company's own fleet, etc.).
Scope 2 includes all indirect GHG emissions, i.e. emissions that occur during the production of purchased energy (electricity, district heating, district cooling, steam). They are called indirect emissions because scope 2 emissions do not occur directly in operations, but rather, for example, our purchased electricity.
Scope 3 emissions come from upstream or downstream sources that are not owned or controlled by the company (suppliers, employee commuting, etc.)

Our lake tales

Tales and moments, mysticism and magic

History or stories? Dream or reality? The boundaries between reality and fiction blur almost imperceptibly. The cuckoo murmurs, the pine whispers, the little brook gurgles. And they all tell stories of their experiences and fantasies. Around the Wolfsgrubner Lake.