South Tyrol has a sunny heart

The Ritten high plateau. The sunny heart of South Tyrol. A destination in itself and at the same time a base to discover the best sides of South Tyrol from.
The main attraction

A weightless gliding over roofs and treetops. Just one last crest. And the eye is drawn to the capital city of the area: Bozen's buildings – still having the appearance of a toy town – draw nearer. The Ritten cable car takes passengers down from the mountains to the town, from the rural to the urban. Once there, Bozen turns out to be well worth a look: starting at the busy arches, past the colours of the Obstplatz and up to the promenades that ascend the slopes. Its unusual cultural atmosphere as a meeting point and place for passing through, shaped by a mix of German precision and Italian breeziness, as if Goethe had met Dante, makes this Alpine capital a really special experience. The famous ice man, Ötzi, should also be paid a visit at the Museum of Archaeology. The surroundings of Bozen are worth a trip, too. That's why it pays to come down from Ritten more than just once.

For a touch of the south

Anyone heading south along the South Tyrol Wine Road will quickly see that it lives up to its name. The wine villages of Eppan, Kaltern and Tramin nestle amidst woodland and sloping vineyards, surrounded by fortresses and castles. The wonderful lakes of the south twinkle in their midst – sometimes an icy blue, sometimes moss green, Montiggler See lake and the lake at Kaltern lure bathers to take a cooling dip in their waters after cycling and hiking tours. The odd glass of wine just has to be quaffed on excursions like this.

The town of nobility

If you take the dual carriageway from Bozen to Meran (MeBo), you are spoilt for choice. Just like the capital, this spa town has lots to see in one day. Meran used to be the princely central of the counts of Tyrol – a fact that may still be evident on a stroll through the alleys of the town along the Passer river. A fitting walk would lead through the famous Gardens of Trauttmansdorff, stretching for over seven kilometres through a variety of themed and sensual gardens. It was justly awarded the title of 'Italy's most beautiful garden' in 2005. The thermal baths at Meran make a relaxed alternative as an Alpine wellness oasis with their Mediterranean grounds and bracing water attractions.

For keen hikers

Weary of the town? Then Sarntal valley would be a good antidote. The folk from this valley, with their humour and charm, are a race apart. Tradition and customs are upheld in their rustic valley, such as the interesting craft of quill embroidery. But it is mostly the unspoilt landscape, laced with the scent of the Sarner mountain pine, its suitability as a great hiking and mountain bike destination making it a great destination for adventurous types, that will impress.

No matter which corner you choose to explore, at the end of the day Weihrerhof is always there for a relaxed 'homecoming'.