Praise be to yesterday, welcome to today.

Praise be to yesterday, <strong>welcome to</strong> <strong>today</strong>.
The 1960s: Cilli and Friedl Pichler realise their life’s ambition: their own little hotel. A father’s inheritance forms the basis. A small piece of land on the Wolfsgrubener Lake forms the foundation. So, on 28 June 1967, the Weiherhof first opens its doors to visitors and guests.

While the finances are modest, the joy, passion, charm and hard work seem inexhaustible. To this day we of the second generation still benefit from this admirable commitment. Many of our current guests are children and grandchildren of the first visitors.

As well as developing the Weihrerhof, Cilli and Friedl also brought up three children. The youngest son had the greatest enthusiasm for the house on the lake. In 2005, at the age of 26, Klaus and his wife took over the hotel. Both feel bound by a tradition that knows how to appreciate yesterday, drawing from it the strength and responsibility for today and tomorrow.

A house with a history. And yet so young …

Times change. And with them people's desires. Weihrerhof has been through times of change, too. And yet has remained dynamic throughout the years. The one constant thing? Passion.

1960 sees a pioneer mood. A new road. A route being planned. Ritten has become more accessible and not just appealing to those seeking a bit of summer cool away from Bozen, South Tyrol's capital. Cilli (Cäcilia) and Friedl (Siegfried) Pichler are fulfilling their life's dream: their own small hotel. At the time there were just 3 rooms. And a greenhouse. Right on Wolfsgruben lake.

Between lakeside romance and the tavern revelry.

“A lot of dancing went on, often into the early hours“, said Cilli, as she told guests of the old, animated times.“Today our guests appreciate more the idyllic setting and the peace and quiet. In the place of sociable get-togethers, new values have taken over. Having time, space, being able to be yourself. This is the new luxury.“

Berg. Sea. BergSea.

The youngest son Klaus and his wife Manuela love and live out these thoughts. It was 2005 when the couple took over the hotel, which had in the meantime accumulated 40 beds. The 'Oasis of Wellbeing', developed in 1999, became a real 'SeaSpa'. Wellbeing outside, in and on the lake. Wellbeing inside, where nature is invited in. In-house created BergSea care line, made from powerful active ingredients found in nature, forms the basis of Signature Treatments, massages and care sessions that are unique in their form. Totally natural is the motto. This is the common theme running through Weihrerhof, too. From the garden to the kitchen. There is even the aroma of hay and arolla pine in the rooms.

”People love details“ says Manuela. “The special things, the subtle touches, the little surprises, the signs that thought has been put into something. They are looking for the love in things that may no longer be taken for granted in these fast-paced times.“

Weihrerhof lives out (hi)stories. And rewrites them every day.

Sometimes a NO can be EVERYTHING
“It's all about conscious reduction to the minimum“ says Klaus.“Sometimes a place can be set apart by what may NOT be found there. Sometimes the 'missing' things are what create room for a whole new experience. In places where guided excursions and walks are not provided, people are encouraged to plan their own walks from a map and set out on tours of discovery. The experiences you have yourself are the most memorable, after all.”