Diversity is colorful

The Weihrerhof wants to set an example - locally, but not only.
Klaus and Manuela Pichler agree: All people are valuable and important! Regardless of origin, history and culture, the entire team - depending on the area of responsibility - is involved in current developments. They understand this as the basis that enables people to fully develop their own potential. Compliance with all legal requirements regarding health, safety, work and environmental aspects is a matter of course. For example, while the front desk is responsible for creating guest satisfaction questionnaires, the kitchen is responsible for purchasing and creating menus; the housekeeping staff was involved in the purchase of the new dry steam cleaners. Online training from Webiflix, other webinars, and internal training are offered regularly.
Local employees are particularly familiar with the cultural, scenic and social characteristics of the Ritten, which is very much appreciated at Weihrerhof. But diversity makes everyday life more colorful!<

Weihrerhof actively supports social projects, such as with the arrival of refugees, the children's cancer charity Peter Pan and much more.

As an organization we are committed not to tolerate any kind of discrimination towards employees, guests and suppliers.

Our lake tales

Tales and moments, mysticism and magic

History or stories? Dream or reality? The boundaries between reality and fiction blur almost imperceptibly. The cuckoo murmurs, the pine whispers, the little brook gurgles. And they all tell stories of their experiences and fantasies. Around the Wolfsgrubner Lake.