Wellness. Winter. Weihrerhof.

What does winter smell of? What does comfort taste like? Everyone has their own answer to these questions. But a few cosy days spent at Weihrerhof will put you in a position to answer them. Between some wellness pampering and a winter wonderland, you can come closer to the real spirit of Christmas: peace.

Winter on the Ritten plateau. It retains its character here. No loud jubilation on the pistes, no 'skiing music' to disturb the magical stillness. You can hear the snowflakes falling if you let yourself. It's the absence of certain things that brings back fond memories of wintry childhood days: ice skating on the lake, encircling trees with their snow-covered crests. Heading downhill on a sledge, flying across mountain landscape. Long snowy-white paths and hot drinks at the end of a walk.

A festival to engage all the senses

Spending your holiday at Weihrerhof, you'll soon notice that 'A Peaceful Festive Season' means more here than a spoken wish. You really do find peace here. Or time to contemplate. Or experience sensuous things. Fragrant oils, pampering sessions for body and soul, moments to be still, but culinary delights, too. Time out, time offline. Doesn't that sound like the SENSible thing to do?