Flowering meadows and buzzing bees: Our wild adventure in nature

For over 20 years we have chosen to let nature run free (no fertilization) and the result is simply stunning! Our flowering meadows have become a true insect paradise and for bees have especially much to buzz with us.
The art of wild growth:
Imagine our meadows are like rebellious teenagers making up their own rules. We deprived them of fertilizer and the result? A wild mix of meadow flowers that shine in all the colors of the rainbow. We let nature run wild. The results are breathtaking and the diversity of the plants amazes us every year. The meadow flowers are deliberately left long enough, we say to mature, so that they can shed their seeds.

Native VIPs - insects and bees:
Our meadows are now not only pretty to look at, but also a true paradise for insects, especially our winged friends, the bees, nature's VIP's. The colorful flowers not only provide them with a feast of nectar and pollen. It's a delightful buzz and hum.

Environmental awareness with a wink:
Some people may think we're a little crazy, you may even be right. We do all this out of conviction and on top of that we protect the Wolfsgruben Lake, because we are really built close to the water ;-)

Our lake tales

Tales and moments, mysticism and magic

History or stories? Dream or reality? The boundaries between reality and fiction blur almost imperceptibly. The cuckoo murmurs, the pine whispers, the little brook gurgles. And they all tell stories of their experiences and fantasies. Around the Wolfsgrubner Lake.