Must-sees on the Ritten

Highlights of the Ritten high plateau

Admittedly it is not so easy to choose candidates for a Best-of-the-Ritten list! There are nevertheless a few Ritten classics that we think our guests would be delighted to see or visit. Our personal favourite is the Wolfsgruben Lake, of course. But, as it will be constantly right in front of you during your holiday at the Hotel Weihrerhof, we would also recommend a special place very close by: the Bee Museum! Nor is the Ritten light railway far from the Hotel Weihrerhof, taking you comfortably either to Oberbozen or, in the other direction, to Klobenstein, two of the Ritten’s loveliest villages. And don’t go home, by the way, before you have seen two highlights in the truest sense of the word: the earth pyramids (a top tip!) and the “top-of-the-(mountain)top”, the Rittner Horn itself.