Full score! What are we winning now?

What a great diploma from Holidaycheck. Almost like at school. More is not possible. Same with Tripadvisor.
by KlausKlaus
A big thank you to our guests for the super great reviews, but are we really so good?

Are all of our guests satisfied for 100 %, could we inspire you?

What are you thinking? I think NO, we cannot do it.

We (the whole team from Weihrerhof = the family and the great staff) work every day with great pleasure for wonderful holiday experiences, but we are not perfect.

By the way, holidays are so subjective, therefore, not everyone will find what he thinks he finds, or we do not meet his personal requirements and preferences.

But what we do, we do it with passion, attention to detail, and engagement.

This is what our guest feels and therefore overlooks the one or the other mistake. He feels well anyway, almost like at home.

Of course, such a distinction of Holidaycheck is an incentive and at the same time a confirmation, that we do many things very well.

But it’s just a snapshot, who knows what will come the next days.

I hope, that we can continue to inspire you.

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