Gorgeous position

Sunshine, still waters and peace of mind

The Hotel Weihrerhof on the Wolfsgruben Lake

Enjoy a front-row seat with a place on the lake! And when we say “on the lake”, we mean just that! The Hotel Weihrerhof nestles directly on the banks of the Wolfsgruben Lake, surrounded by the forest, which is in turn situated on a beautiful sunny plateau above Bozen: the Ritten. Sunshine, still waters and peace of mind all await!

Our lake is one of Italy’s cleanest bathing lakes, with summer water temperatures of between 23°C and 26°C. Whether you want to bathe in the waters, lounge on the banks or take a sauna – or perhaps walk, hike or run around it: a “holiday on the lake” is always special here, as a quiet place will always leave room for you to develop and grow.

A forest to reinvigorate you, a garden for sun-worshippers, loungers for daydreamers and an island… – Excuse me!?

An island?

Yes, that's right: we also have our own little island in the lake. A place to have breakfast, or perhaps just to sit around and let your thoughts drift away with the waters. Let it all go! It’s well worth it – as you will see.
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