A secret spot for everyone.

Sway in the large double swing. Snuggle up in the hanging wicker basket. Stretch out on the giant circular lounger. The eye is drawn to the glittering of the rippling water and the lush green of the meadow, before wandering across the bright colour of the mixed forest to the pale dolomite stone of the Schlern massif. The sun shines its benevolent warmth. The light breeze softly strokes your skin. Nature with the feel-good factor.

Calling it a mere 'hotel garden' fails to do it justice. Like everywhere at Weihrerhof, there is a lot of space here, allowing room to breathe and be yourself. And there's lots to discover and experience outside. Not just for children, but for the child in you. Kids will instantly discover the trampoline and the playground though, after finding the small stream. This is a Kneipp stream for wading through. Both large and small round stones on the bed of the stream will massage the soles of the feet, whilst porphyry slabs warmed by the sun in summer line the banks of the stream. The eye is then drawn across the flowery meadow to the wooden bridge that leads to an island with boats rocking in the water next to it, inviting you row out or pedal your way around the lake. 'Sailors' will spot the sunbathing lawns ahead. There are good views to be had from the water over to the most enticing spots to soak up the sun and daydream.