Mountainbike Renon in South Tyrol

The Ritten offers mountain bikers optimal conditions, whether you are looking for easy-going routes through or more difficult routes through the woods, up to mountain pastures.

We are happy to provide you with new mountain bikes for touring.

Woodland and mountain biking

Gouging thick grooves in woodland floors, winding down steep slopes on jagged trails and putting calf muscles to the test sets some pulses racing - those belonging to daring, adventurous and those lovers of steep slopes - genuine mountain bikers.
Woodland floor rollercoasters and gnarly trails, steps, gravel, crossing streams and hairpin bends. Meadow, field and forest paths to take it easy on. Beneath leaf canopies, roofs of fir trees or with nothing overhead but the Ritten sky. Are you itching to get your feet in the pedals? Yes – mountain bikers will love Ritten. Not everywhere, no, as there are rules here. No cycling is allowed on paths of under 1.5 metre's breadth. This still doesn't affect the variety on offer though, as the range is vast. A few tour highlights may be found here.

Wheeled explorers

At, around and on the Ritten plateau are where the region's real highlights for mountain bikers are. A tour on the Rittner Horn (LINK), for example, features a view that will stop even the most insatiable riders in their tracks. Those wishing to experience the most impressive sights of Ritten by bike should do the Klobenstein – Maria Saal – Bad Siess – Tann and back to Klobenstein tour. And those who can't get enough downhill won't need to be told about the famous 3 Gondel, or 'golden triangle', tour.

It's not just the flowy trails and cool tours on the Ritten that come recommended. Other day trips can be made from Ritten. You can find more tips here or at Weihrerhof reception. Mountain bikes and helmets may be hired from Weihrerhof, too.