For spa guests

Existing on mere love and air.
True beauty is said to come from within. With our wellness programmes at SeaSpa, we gently tease it out of you. After a holiday at Weihrerhof you'll return home with new-found radiance, bringing a bit of sunshine and a relaxed smile with you
Weihrerhof offers wellness guests and those seeking rest and relaxation:
  • the SeaSpa
  • "laxn á la Weihrerhof" - signature treatment
  • an extensive garden featuring cosy corners
  • a late riser breakfast or a romantic island breakfast
  • wonderfully enjoyable possibilities for exploring the Ritten plateau
  • a selection of pillows and radiation-free rooms at night
  • BergSea house brand
  • a sauna with a cooling dip in the lake and secluded access to the lake for nude bathers
  • quiet zones and calm corners indoors and outdoors
  • vegetarian dishes
We recommend, in conjunction with the RittenCard:

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