Today: A day off.

A holiday, just for one day. Rest and recuperation that lasts much, much longer. Wellness? Day Spa? No, just a sense of wellbeing. In the 'Bergsea', on the 'Bergsea', with the 'BergSea'
The fragrance of fresh hay and warming arolla pine follows you everywhere at SeaSpa (LINK: SeaSpa overview page). In the silver quarzite-sun-steam sauna (LINK: sauna & bathing) or in the Finnish sauna. In the quiet area, where the eye is drawn to the outside, then roams across the many details of the grounds (LINK: The garden on the lake), down to the banks and the varied green shades of Wolfsgruben Lake, and stays there a while to observe the waves lapping. And then you start doing the same thing as the waves: comfortably swaying. You have time to read, to think, or just to stop thinking. There are corners to retreat into everywhere here. Not just for house guests.

Taking a day off? SeaDaySpa quells the small longings that everyday life entails. Day guests do not just have the run of the whole SeaSpa area, but also the lake itself. For the transition to the outside is a flowing one, just like the water - a fundamental element at Weihrerhof Hotel. An oxygen bath immersed in greenery after a trip to the sauna. A leap into the cool water. Soaking up the sun, taking a sauna under blue skies. And yes, one of Weihrerhof's Signature Treatments or a massage – that's a great idea for a present. To yourself and for others, too...:-)

SeaDaySpa package may be booked for 57.00 euros
'beach bag' (bath robe, slippers, towel)
entry to sauna (indoor and outdoor in the boathouse) from 1.00 pm to 7.00 pm
use of indoor pool, sunbathing lawn and beach
optional breakfast (7.30 am to 11 am) or lunch (12 am to 2 pm)
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