Exclusive. Yet open to everyone.

Well, at least to everyone spending their holiday at Weihrerhof. That's because Signature Treatments, with all their extraordinary all-round beneficial effects, may only be found here. Skin care? Massage? Exfoliation? A mixture of everything, somehow.

Some things cannot be expressed in words. You have to experience them yourself and let them get under your skin. Anyone booking one of the Signature Treatments at Weihrerhof will see from the start which natural products are used. Silver quarzite, hay pillows, warm oils, gentle exfoliation cream, powerful arolla pine. Yet at some point only sensations remain. A rolling and smelling, a gliding, floating … relaxation that takes over from thinking, that overpowers and carries on in realms somewhere between daydreaming and dozing.

Whether you wish to feel totally relaxed or restore your inner balance – we have something special for you. In our Signature Treatments Weihrerhof's philosophy really comes out: simply being. Savoir-Être.

Celitic moments - Signature Treatments

Ionad - centering

Breath deeply, let go and break free. Experience our favourite South Tyrolean natural force up close: sense vitalising water, relaxing hay, warming silver quartzite and deeply stimulating Swiss pine. By the way of freeing your breath musculature, stimulating special reflex points on hands and feet, comforting neck stretching and deeply relaxing head acupressure we take you onto a very special voyage – relaxing (laxn) á la Weihrerhof.
Recreation completely different.

70 minutes
Talamh - strenghten

Experience our unique BergSea products as part of a very special massage experience. Surrounded by the scent of stone pine and hay, the special massage application will immerse you in a deep feeling of relaxation to produce a new vitality and internal balance. A wonderful holistic experience for making you feel complete, strong and radiant again!

70 minutes
Saor - free

Fasciae are collagenous, fibrous connective tissue that envelops our muscles. When fasciae are stressed too much or too little, they thicken, distort and stick together. The consequences are a feeling of discomfort, stiffness and pain in the body. Fasciae and hardening of the muscles can be loosened by slow and intense strokes. The increased mobility and well-being in the body lead to a new feeling of vitality, lightness and stability.

60 minutes