With the cablecar to Bozen-Bolzano in South Tyrol

The cablecar will take you from Oberbozen (Soprabolzano) to Bozen (Bolzano), the province capital, in 12 minutes only. It is really worthwhile to visit Bozen: a stroll in the historic centre (14th century) and Obstplatz, with its lively colours and fruit and vegetable stalls. The Archaeological Museum is also very interesting, where you can see Ötzi, the iceman. Furthermore, Bozen offers an intense cultural programme of events throughout the summer.

The Ice man

More than 5,000 years ago, a man ascended the icy heights of the Schnals Valley glacier and died there. In 1991, his mortal remains - together with his clothing and equipment, mummified and frozen - were accidentally discovered. This was an archaeological sensation providing a unique glimpse into the life of a man of the Chalcolithic Period who was travelling at high altitudes.
After many years of investigation by highly-specialized research teams, the mummy recovered from the glacier and the accompanying artefacts are now accessible to the public in the South Tyrolean Archaeological Museum.

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