Lake Garda

Lake Garda - the entrance to the south, the first tasting of the Italian way of life behind the Alps. The Lake lies beautifully embedded between high mountains, olive groves and vineyards.
The region around the Lake is Alpine and Mediterranean at the same time and stupefies by its variety of countryside, vegetation and culture. The places around Lake Garda captivate their visitors with their southern atmosphere, they invite to go for a stroll, to go shopping or to simply enjoy doing nothing at all.
At the same time, this region, full of contrasts, is one of the biggest activity playgrounds in Europe. Here you can find climbing rocks immediately next to surfing spots, mountainbike trails which end on a beach and from the top of a 2000m mountain you can watch the sailing boats on the Lake.

Did you know...

...that Lake Garda was formed more than 10.000 years ago when the glaciers of the alpine ridge receded due to global warming and left this large lake. At that time what came to be called Lake Garda had a depth of 270m below sea-level.
Today, Lake Garda has a lenth of 51,6km and stretches 4km across in the north and 17km in the south. To drive around it one has to cover 160km. At its deepest point the Lake reaches 346m and lies 65m above sea level.
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