The must-sees on the high mountain plateau

For newcomers, insiders, true Ritten fans or those about to become fans – the sights on the Ritten are simply made to be seen again and agin! Whether breathtaking countryside, culture to immerse yourself in, living tradition or lived history – there's something special every day here. Just like there should be on holiday …
A highlight on your doorstep! Wolfgruben Lake allows you to immerse yourself in the refreshing mountain countryside of the Ritten plateau, literally. Swimming, sunbathing, rowing out on a boat or just having a stroll around it. If you want, you can pay a visit to the Bee Museum. There is an easy path through woodland and across meadows to a place that is not only about industrious bees. No, the old house whispers of bygone farmhouse life. Rattle rattle. What was that? The 'Rittner Bahnl' narrow gauge railway passes here. It obediently follows the tracks as far as Klobenstein, where you'll instantly come across the signs for the 'Erdpyramiden', or 'Earth Pyramids'. A trip to the earth pyramids is an absolute must on Ritten! They stand proud with each of their tips crowned by a rock. They are changing all the time and look a bit different to countless camera lenses each year.

For those looking for a longer hike, the Rittner Horn mountain beckons. 360 degrees of South Tyrolean mountains that will get heart rates going even higher than all the metres of ascent to be overcome.

All those interested in (hi)story should listen up. The Ritten high plateau has been visited by lots of travellers in days gone by, as the 'Kommende', or travellers' hospice, in Lengmoos will attest to. Culture vultures looking for something contemporary may visit one of the many events on Ritten, including the popular 'Rittner Sommerspiele' summer series of performances. The Ritten cable car will quickly whisk passengers down to the nearby capital of Bozen. In South Tyrol the lines between the urban and the rural are wonderfully blurred …
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