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Shivering with the heat & mountain swimming.

Sauna and baths in the Weihrerhof

You know the feeling: after an arduous climb to the summit, after a wonderful hike or simply following a lazy brunch, a visit to the sauna is a simple yet fulfilling luxury. The wonderful dry warmth enveloping the whole body. The contrasting dip into the icy waters of the pool or lake. Either the heated indoor pool or the Wolfsgrubener Lake, which is of drinking-water quality. A holiday for water lovers.

A harmony of opposites

Tension and relaxation. Sweating and cooling off. Feeling strong and being calm. Inside and outside.
Opposites? No. All one and the same.

We call it 'laxn'. When the fragrance of arolla pine and hay takes hold of the senses, the body can let go for once and thoughts can wander here and there, between the fresh air of the garden and the cosy, warm corner inside. When the sauna fortifies physical sensation in conjunction with the mountain cool of the lake and the steam sauna with its walls of silver quarzite creates an energy-giving interplay of nature's forces.

And then there's the heated indoor pool, which, thanks to its counter-current installation, allows an enjoyable swimming workout. Views across the lake may be had, too. Feeling in touch with nature, even when indoors. Observing nature whilst relaxing by the window façade. Experiencing the effects of nature on the skin and in the heart. The minimal, clear design combined with the colours of the landscape outside and the abundance of corners for cosy moments of calm – all this promises relaxation and delivers the goods.

Immerse yourself in Weihrerhof's sauna, calm and bathing worlds - your hammock awaits.

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