Wellness & beauty treatments

Beauty is an attitude.

Cosmetic treatments.

How often do I look at other people, or compare myself to them, or find this one or that one more beautiful? Beauty is today a product – the Beauty Industry.

But what if beauty is more than just a visual phenomenon?
What if it is simply appealing because of your presence?
Standing upright even if your shoulders are drooping? Sure, even if your hair might be unkempt. Shining even when your eyes are tired?

For us at the Weihrerhof, beauty is something that we feel – more than we see.

And, naturally, there are products here to help. Both in feeling and in seeing.

Piroche from South Tyrol. Cosmetics inspired by the natural art of healing. Treatment on a bio-energetic basis. A holistic approach to the person.

Trehs from the Sarn Valley. The essential oil of the Sarn Valley mountain pine produced from a traditional recipe. The basis for our care series.

Beauty at the Weihrerhof. What’s your attitude?

Für mein Gsichtl - Facial treatments

Oanfoch fesch – Facial treatment “de luxe”

Skin diagnosis, treatment of the regeneration zone and the lung meridian, facial treatment with peeling under Vapozon, removal of skin impurities, vacuum drainage for unblocking and cell nutrition, manual massage and poultice – our best composition for your complexion.

110 minutes
Schian und frisch – Facial treatment

Skin diagnosis, peeling under Vapozon, removal of skin impurities, vacuum drainage, manual massage and care poultice.

80 minutes
Foscht wia nui – Facial treatment

Skin diagnosis, peeling under Vapozon, removal of skin impurities, manual massage and poultice. The basic programme for rebalancing your facial skin. 

50 minutes
Real men - Facial for him

A moisture-intensive, reinforcing and stimulating facial for a fresh, revitalized complexion. The optimal maintenance program for our men.

50 minutes
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