Berg. Sea. Up close.

Delightfully calm water. Hay that gets under your skin. The magic of small apricot kernels and the ancient power of the mighty arolla pine. Chestnuts, rosemary, mint. But most of all, mountains and plenty of 'sea'. Nature that heals, revives, relaxes, refreshes, tempts, transports and leads to a perfectly natural form of wellbeing.
Why venture further afield when there is so much close at hand? Close, very close. If not right on your doorstep. At Weihrerhof this is the case. And our own natural cosmetic line, BergSea, brings the energies of the forest, meadows and mountains even closer. So close, that chestnuts, hay and juniper actually get 'under the skin' and penetrate deep enough to touch the soul.

The vitality of the surroundings, the magic of this place, ancient knowledge and nature's healing powers – all of these find application in our specially created BergSea skin care product range. The softness and purity of water from Wolfsgruben Lake forms the basis for BergSea cosmetic products, ranging from body lotion to massage oil. Added to this, meadow flowers combine with mint or rosemary.

BergSea stands for feeling completely at one with nature and enjoying profound wellbeing. It goes without saying that Weihrerhof natural cosmetics line is certified as an organic product. Available at Weihrerhof 'Hausladele' shop... for a bit of holiday relaxation to take home with you.

Natural cosmetic products

Shower bath lake water & hay

Shower bath lake water & hay
19,00 x
Experience a “hay bath” with premium hay flowers and juniper extracts that will transform your bath into an enchanted mountain lake. Pure essential oils in combination with Alpine active substances gently vitalise and relax your body, with a draining, cleansing and allround restorative effect.

Body milk lake water & stone pine

Body milk lake water & stone pine
27,00 x
This body lotion owes its success to the combination of stone pine to restore the equilibrium of body and mind with lemon thyme to stimulate the metabolism. Stone pine and rosemary are particularly effective in strengthening the organism after sporting activities: the moisturising basis of our lake water leaves the skin velvety and relaxed, with a feeling of well-being.

Body peeling lake water & hay

Body peeling lake water & hay
24,00 x
Made from organic hay flowers, finely ground hazelnut shells and apricot kernels, this body peeling cleans the pores of the skin, leaving it clearer and brighter and gently prepared for the subsequent application of care products. The active substances contained in the hay extract have a vitalising and cleansing effect.

Nature soap & linen peeling glove with gift box

Nature  soap  &  linen  peeling  glove with gift box
18,00 x
The soap,hand-crafted from our lake water and natural fango mud, is manufactured according to recipes handed down from the original Alpine tradition. This soft, supple soap with its fine foaming properties is the ideal partner for our linen peeling glove. The foaming power of the mountains for cleansing the skin – a wonderful ritual.

Leg gel lake water, chestnut & mint

Leg gel lake water, chestnut & mint
23,00 x
The BergSea leg gel with high-quality alpine herbs and plants is a treat for tired legs. Precious extracts of chestnut & mint strengthen and revitalize your legs.

Massage oil hay

Massage oil hay
22,00 x
Pure essential oils in combination with Alpine active substances gently vitalise and relax your body, with a draining, cleaning and allround restorative effect.
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