If the body feels well, the mind becomes free.
If the mind is free, the body begins to glow.
Being healthy begins in the head. And it can be transmitted all the way down to your little toe.
Look forward to unforgettable encounters with your body and your mind.

Weihrerhof Signature Treatments

Laxn á la Weihrerhof - Signature Treatment

Laxn stands for relaxing. Among others. But above all.
Breath deeply, let go and break free. Experience up close our favourite of South Tyrolean natural force: sense vitalising water, relaxing hay, warming silver quartzite and deeply stimulating Swiss pine. By the way of freeing your breath musculature, stimulating special reflex points on hands and feet, comforting neck stretching and deeply relaxing head acupressure we take you onto a very special voyage – relaxing (laxn) á la Weihrerhof.
Recreation completely different.

70 minutes
Zruck zur Mitte – BergSea Signature Treatment

Experience our unique BergSea products as part of a very special massage experience. Enveloped by the scent of stone pine and hay, the special massage application will immerse you in a deep feeling of relaxation to produce a new vitality and internal balance. A wonderful holistic experience for making you feel one again, complete, strong
and radiant!

70 minutes

Streichn und Druckn - Massages

Just for myself – Book some time

Your are unique. And, in just the same way, we match technology, style, pressure and massage oil to you. Indulgence for the self.

50 minutes

Fliaßn lossn - energetic treatments

Fiaßln druckn Foot zone massage

Targeted treatment of the foot zones. The body’s own vitalities and energies are activated to assist in the re-establishment of harmonious equilibrium. Also ideal after activities to revitalise the entire body.

40 minutes

Für mein Gsichtl - Facial treatments

Oanfoch fesch – Facial treatment “de luxe”

Skin diagnosis, treatment of the regeneration zone and the lung meridian, facial treatment with peeling under Vapozon, removal of skin impurities, vacuum drainage for unblocking and cell nutrition, manual massage and poultice – our best composition for your complexion.

110 minutes
Schian und frisch – Facial treatment

Skin diagnosis, peeling under Vapozon, removal of skin impurities, vacuum drainage, manual massage and care poultice.

80 minutes
Foscht wia nui – Facial treatment

Skin diagnosis, peeling under Vapozon, removal of skin impurities, manual massage and poultice. The basic programme for rebalancing your facial skin. 

50 minutes
Real men - Facial for him

A moisture-intensive, reinforcing and stimulating facial for a fresh, revitalized complexion. The optimal maintenance program for our men.

50 minutes

Handln und Fiasln - Manicure and pedicure

Flinke Fiaßln - Pedicure with alpine herbal footbath and massage

Bath, peeling, poultice, nail care and massage for feet and calves to follow. 

50 minutes

Spa Packages

I for my self

As individual as you, so you put together your personal SeaSpa

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