Feeling feels so good.

Massage and body treatments

Feeling feels so good.
If the body feels well, the mind becomes free.
If the mind is free, the body begins to glow.
Being healthy begins in the head. And it can be transmitted all the way down to your little toe.
Look forward to unforgettable encounters with your body and your mind.

Oil selection in the SeaSpa.
Perhaps unique: our Bar of Oils for your skin.
What is a bar? A place where people meet. To exchange, to reflect the day or just to relax for a few minutes looking around – taking in the area. Without focus, without effort, without the „hustle and bustle“.
This approach suits us. So there are two bars at the Weihrerhof. One for socializing and small talk. And one for retreat and encounter with the self. That we serve at both bars fine wines, goes without saying. While you look and taste the goods of our suppliers at the one bar, you will smell and feel them at our Bar of Oils. Pleasure for all the senses, adapted to your personal taste.

Where body and soul become one

When the body feels good, the soul is set free. When the soul is free, the body can start to shine.
Being healthy starts in the head. And can reach as far as the little toes. Beauty begins in the heart. And causes the whole body to radiate.

Our massages can offer just that: a benevolent fusion of body and soul. Thoughts float away, the moment lingers. Completeness: I.

We wish you unforgettable encounters with your body and soul.

Streichn und Druckn - Massages

Just for myself – Book some time

Your are unique. And, in just the same way, we match technology, style, pressure and massage oil to you. Indulgence for the self.

50 minutes

Fliaßn lossn - energetic treatments

Fiaßln druckn Foot zone massage

Targeted treatment of the foot zones. The body’s own vitalities and energies are activated to assist in the re-establishment of harmonious equilibrium. Also ideal after activities to revitalise the entire body.

40 minutes
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