Sunny-8°C / 6°C
Wasser / Acqua / Water0°C
Closer to the sun

Closer to the sun at the SeaSpa.

Weather on the Ritten near Bolzano

Those in the know claim that we in South Tyrol enjoy on average 300 sunny days a year. If you want, here you can see what next few days have to offer. Our webcam on the Rittner Horn and Klobenstein will also show you what it would have been like if you’d been here...

Weather forecast South Tyrol, Monday(23.01.2017)

Very sunny

High pressure and cold air over the Alps.
Wetterkarte Monday (23.01.2017)
Sunny all day long.
High temperatures between -3° and +6°.

Weather in the mountains (Dolomites)

High pressure and cold air over the Alps.
Again a sunny winter day with very good visibility.
Bergwetter Südtirol / Dolomiten Monday (23.01.2017)

Weather forecast South Tyrol, Tuesday(24.01.2017)

Sunny and cold

High pressure conditions.
Wetterkarte Tuesday (23.01.2017)
Sunny weather, some harmless clouds in the west.
Morning temperatures between -17° and -2°, highs from -1° to +7°.

Weather in the mountains (Dolomites)

High pressure conditions.
Sunny, some clouds in the west.
Bergwetter Südtirol / Dolomiten Tuesday (23.01.2017)

Further evolution

High pressure conditions


( 25.01.2017 )


( 26.01.2017 )


( 27.01.2017 )
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